Offer support to a concerned caregiver with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, December 28 2011

Parents no longer have to feel guilt when they want to leave the kids at home with a babysitter and get out of the house for a night. The capabilities of video conferencing technology allows moms and dads to check-in with the caregiver at home and interact with their children in between dinner and their film's show time.

Mobile applications are now available for smartphones and allow individuals to use video conferencing on the go. A babysitter with a concern about a questionable mark on a child can set up an online meeting with the parents and ask them if they had noticed the mark before they left the house.

Sometimes, a babysitter may feel uncomfortable explaining to parents that a child is extremely upset. Instead of telling them, the babysitter can show them the crying child on the screens of their phone and ask them what they would like her to do to resolve the situation. The technology can also be used to highlight positive behavior. If an infant takes her first steps while under the baby-sitter's care, the caregiver can instantly video chat the parents and let them in on the milestone event.