Online job interviews continue to grow

Tuesday, June 12 2012

With resume-sharing services such as LinkeIn and online recruitment venues like, much of the modern job search has moved to the web. For many experts, the next logical step in the progression is internet interviews. According to the Orlando Sentinel, this shift is already well on its way.

The news source reports that a rapidly increasing number of employers are using video conferencing to conduct interviews, especially for candidates from other regions.

In an effort to save money during the recruitment process, many businesses are conducting (at least) the first round of candidate interviews via online conferencing. As an initial screening process, this can save time, money and even a little discomfort.

"More than once, I've flown someone in and within an hour, I realize it's not a fit," restaurateur Bobby Fitzgerald told Time. "But I'm stuck with that person for six more hours."

For these reasons and more, companies are finding that video interviews might be the way to conduct job searches going forward.

Of course, this is not only beneficial for the hirers.

"I did the interview right from my chair at my home salon," Jess Wetton, a hairstylist from Orlando applying for a job at an upscale salon in Manhattan, told the Sentinel. "I knew I struck gold when the stylist on the other end said she loved my hair."