Online shoppers can get personal service with video conferencing

Wednesday, February 1 2012

The development of e-commerce has given consumers the opportunity to shop from the convenience of their homes. This can save the time of driving to stores, finding parking and filling up the gas tank. As retail technology has developed, merchants have faced the challenge of replicating the interactive and personal aspects of face-to-face customer shopping experiences.

A new technology launched by Open4Sale, an Australian-based e-commerce firm, might offer a solution. With video conferencing technology, users can connect with sales associates for live in-store consultations. The company demonstrated the service at the Capello Capital Corp. Investor Conference in Los Angeles, California. 

In the demonstration, customers interact with a salesperson via live video and are able to ask questions about products before they make purchases from their computer at home. The company hopes that real-time interactions with a sales consultant who can make personalized shopping recommendations will bridge the gap between in-store and online purchasing.

Additionally, the new e-commerce solution can help small businesses compete with large online retailers by offering expertise and improved customer service. Businesses that want to gain a competitive edge can invest in web conferencing services such as MegaMeeting that allow easy and convenient online meetings with consumers.