Organization uses video conferencing to help soldiers stay in touch with family and friends

Monday, March 19 2012

In 2007, while currently deployed and at his military post in Iraq, Marine Sergeant Chad Matthews watched as his wife, Cynthia, gave birth in a Mobile, Alabama hospital, accomplished through the use of video conferencing technology, reports

The Freedom Calls Foundation, is a non-profit organization that was created shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq and is still in operation today. It was developed in order to help thousands of military families and friends better keep in touch with soldiers who are currently deployed during life-changing events such as births, weddings and school graduations. Service men and women are now able to witness and take part in these events as they happen in real-time, thanks in part to video conferencing.

The organization is a public charity funded entirely off of donations and receives no assistance from the military. Its budget can fluctuate due to infrequent donations, however it has been able to maintain operations and grow since its establishment in 2003.

The technological benefits and cost-efficiency of video conferencing technology helps keep the organization running.