Pac-12 coaches hold video conferencing meeting

Friday, May 11 2012

As college football grows and the conferences shuffle, it can be difficult for coaches and athletic directors to meet to discuss important topics. As a possible solution to this problem, many coaches from the Pac-12 conference, which serves much of the Western United States, opted to hold one of their annual meetings as a video conference.

With many compelling subjects to discuss, the internet meeting proved successful in broaching as many as possible and getting that information effectively to the people who had vested interest, according to the Seattle Times.

One issue receiving much attention is the possible adoption of a college football playoff system. Having the meeting accessible to reporters and others within the industry via the teleconference allowed many people a glimpse into this discussion process. Lane Kiffin, coach for USC, for example, was not happy with his lack of control.

"We're going to have no say with it," he said during the meeting, according to the newsource.

Although, broader involvement in such conferences brings many more voices to the table, the ability to have their meeting from multiple locations - and broadcast many more - gave them a lot of control. Similarly, other large, disparate groups have found that employing video conferencing setups has allowed them to increase discussion and conveniently as many voices as possible in complex processes.