Pennsylvania County saves money by embracing video conferencing

Tuesday, June 28 2011

The precursor to Delaware County, Pennsylvania's current web conferencing system was implemented in 1984, the Delaware County Daily Times reports. In that year, there were limited courtroom arraignments that were broadcast via microwave antennae. Since that time, the technology that allows for remote conversations has become much cheaper and a lot more sophisticated.

According to the news source, Delaware County has estimated that it saves over $271,000 every month from various costs and fees associated with running a county government. In particular, court testimony and arraignments that no longer require police escorts and in-person testimony have been a large part of the savings.

Additionally, Delaware County has found savings when hosting legal conferences and hearing international testimony before a judge. The decrease in the money spent on these things is a boon for the taxpayers of the county, who in these tough economic times are overburdened as it is. The significant savings can now be used for more worthy government programs or initiatives, and many state and local governments are realizing this and embracing web conferencing technology.