Pharmacies adding video conferencing technology

Tuesday, November 13 2012

When patients are prescribed medications, they often require complex explanations regarding dosages, schedules and possible side effects. Some customers simply attempt to use their best judgment and take their medicine without proper supervision, which is a risky strategy that can lead to long-term health problems.

Some pharmacies, including those in hospitals, have begun using video conferencing software so medical professionals can answer questions regarding medications. Using the technology, patients can receive explanations to all of their questions.

Not every patient has access to a local pharmacy, which means their medicine can only be picked up at healthcare facilities. Some people may be hesitant to call a clinic or hospital because they won't receive immediate attention due to overcrowding and understaffing.

Web conferencing applications can provide direct access to pharmacists. Instead of waiting on hold, patients speak face to face with an expert employee who can explain how and when medicines should be taken.

Digital conferencing technology also helps pharmacists increase productivity as well. Instead of answering multiple calls and sorting through patient files, workers can read the medical instructions printed on patients' prescriptions and solve the callers' problems.