Plan ahead for a web conference conclusion

Monday, February 11 2013

While many meeting presenters may worry about setting the tone for their gatherings with positive first impressions, speakers may also consider their conclusions. Finishing a web meeting with a strong finale is important, and web conferencing tools allow participants to become directly involved in the gathering's closing minutes.

Plan ahead for your web conference's conclusion by checking out the following tips to develop an effective finale. 

1. Evaluate the primary discussion points - A good conclusion should include information that relates to the gathering's purpose. Review your presentation materials and consider the flow of your meeting when examining your closing. You'll want to finish on a positive note, so be sure that the final message is relevant to the meeting and its participants. 

2. Ensure that audience members fully understand the meeting's purpose - Web conferences may include a wide range of displays, and audience members should leave the meeting with a clear understanding of its purpose. Many speakers use question-and-answer sessions to finish their meetings, as these opportunities allow attendees to clarify any concerns and questions. 

3. Give audience members plenty of reasons to smile - Consider using a call to action that encourages attendees to use the materials they have been provided with to their advantage. Your presentation can go from average to excellent with a strong conclusion, and a message that highlights how specific topics can positively impact attendees may help them thrive in various roles.