Political figures can maintain a community presence with video conferencing

Monday, November 28 2011

Individuals who wish to excel in the political sphere know the importance of upholding a good reputation in the public eye. Politicians who regularly participate in relevant discussion and keep the community constantly informed of their goals are the ones who receive the majority of the people's votes.

The use of video conferencing in a political platform can potentially help to spread one's message to a wider audience and can also reduce travel costs and allow room for spending on worthier causes.

Not only can video conferencing help a politician during his campaign, but once elected, the service can help to spread town-wide announcements or emergency alerts through webinars. This service can help to control community members when a disaster strikes by offering an interactive web service to which they can direct their questions or concerns.

One of the integral parts of a small-community government system is the town meeting. The political gathering gives members of the community a chance to voice their opinions to the town leaders who can put their ideas into action. Video conferencing allows individuals who cannot physically attend town meetings to remain active within a community where they have grown a part of.