Professor maintains impeccable attendance with video conferencing

Thursday, May 5 2011

An engineering professor at Texas' LeTourneau University achieved a perfect attendance record despite being hospitalized by using web conferencing technology.

The 79-year-old teacher, William Kielhorn, has been undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer and was approaching 45 years without missing a lecture. However, due to complications arising from his medical condition, his doctor informed him that he would have to be hospitalized.

According to ABC News, Kielhorn was upset that he would be one day short of his perfect attendance. However, his daughter and granddaughter came up with the idea that he could conduct his final lecture via video conference.

Kielhorn was able to teach his class, "Managing Processes," to fifteen students who assembled at LeTourneau University around a computer monitor while he lay in a hospital bed at the Good Shepherd Medical Center across town in Longview. "I felt the students had paid for the courses and the least I could do was show up and teach," Kielhorn said. The lecture was in preparation for the class' upcoming final exam.

According to Janet Ragland, the school's director of university relations, no professor in LeTourneau's history had gone 45 years without missing a lecture.