Provide better customer service with video conferencing

Wednesday, October 19 2011

Whether it is comfortable to admit or not, banks are important to our daily lives. They (sometimes) secure our personal finances while also offering us credit benefits that we use to put off handing over physical cash for items. However, their operational hours are often inconvenient, making it difficult for the average working individual to effectively utilize their services.

Banks that want to improve their customer service should install video conferencing technology onto their ATMs. That way, if a person needs to know more information about a transaction, deposit or withdrawal they could easily speak to a knowledgeable bank employee. Furthermore, banks that do utilize the service would also save money on employment, as one individual could be accessed across the country by those customers attempting to learn more information at a local ATM.

MegaMeeting is a 100 percent browser-based video conferencing software that allows users to connect with one another no matter their geographic location. Banks can use MegaMeeting's services to improve their customers' experience throughout the country by offering valuable information to their guests. Instead of forcing individuals to perform their banking duties on the weekends or at odd hours of the day, video conferencing can allow customers to tend to their responsibilities when it is convenient for them.