Record virtual interviews

Monday, June 24 2013

One of the benefits of video conferencing technology is that users can record their discussions with other participants. The feature allows professionals to review their meetings at later dates to gain in-depth insights about the talking points. Matthew Corrin, CEO and founder of Freshii, told Inc. Magazine that recording virtual interviews is more effective than telling others how the conferences went. 

"I do these final-round interviews on behalf of our franchise partners and I'm always taking notes. It would be great to be able to fire that video off to somebody instead of me saying, 'Here's the questions I asked, and here's what I learned,'" said Corrin.

Indeed, interviews conducted with video conferencing software are relatively new in the corporate realm so recruiters are still determining the best practices for these meetings. Paper notes aren't always effective for comparing techniques and lines of questioning. With recordings, interviewers can review conferences and develop effective methods of reviewing applicants.

Entire meetings can be recorded and the files can be shared with anyone in an organization to ensure that all necessary personnel can take notes. Additionally, the videos can be sent to department managers so they can see first-hand what applicants are under consideration for open positions.