Reflecting on Earth Day

Monday, April 25 2011

During Earth Day, people are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have accomplished during the past year to help protect the environment. Just like individuals, small businesses and corporations should take this time of the year to contemplate on what they have done to lower their companies' carbon footprints and what they have done in terms of environmental causes for the community.

For the White House's Lisa P. Jackson, Earth Day means reflecting on what the government has done to help reduce emissions by creating policies that businesses can abide by. Just last month, the nation's first national standards for mercury, arsenic and other air pollution were introduced, Jackson explained.

This is also the time for companies who are open-minded and willing to adapt environmentally-conscious operations to take the step and do something. In the office setting, for example, are supervisors taking precautions to make sure that they are recycling or using energy-saving light bulbs?

Additionally, this could be the time to take into consideration using video conferencing technology in the office. Not only will the system reduce travel expenses, it can also decrease the company's carbon footprint if employees used video conferencing technology properly.