Remember your real-life surroundings during web conferences

Tuesday, February 26 2013

Web conference participants can interact with peers from around the globe, but distractions can interfere with presentations. If audience members or moderators ignore their real-life surroundings, problems that negatively affect the quality of a web meeting could arise. 

Check out the following tips to overcome challenges that you may encounter when getting your surroundings ready for a conference. 

1. Eliminate loud noises - Use web conferencing software in quiet, peaceful environments. Loud noises can draw attention to an attendee for all the wrong reasons, and working in a distraction-free environment helps prevent such problems. 

2. Maintain consistent lighting - Audience members must be heard and seen, so work in a setting that features quality lighting. Too much natural light can be troublesome at times, and it may help participants to draw blinds or close shades if they are located near windows.

3. Remove distracting pictures - A home office could feature unique artwork or photos from a family vacation, but audience members should cover these pictures in advance if they could become distractions during web conferences. Put the pictures aside temporarily until the meeting is finished.