Save thousands on business trips

Friday, February 3 2012

Business trips often can't be avoided, as your presence may be required at a remote location - but with the implementation of web meetings and video conferences, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and avoid an unnecessary flight to your business affiliates.

As the economy struggles to recover from the late-2000s recession and as businesses continually find ways to cut expenses, video conferencing is one of the ultimate forms of frugality.

While many video conferencing systems on the market can be tough on tight budgets, there are still very affordable multiple-user set-ups, Small Biz Technology explains.

Perhaps more important than cost savings is the professional image your company will project to affiliates and potential clients. A company using state-of-the-art technology is more attractive than one that continues to use dated systems such as phone conferencing.

Instead of draining budgets on business flights, you can spend as little as $40 per month on a web and video conferencing plan.

Get more done with less and spend those extra savings on in-house needs.