Secure video conferencing can actually boost workplace productivity

Monday, May 13 2013

Workplace productivity is always a priority for companies in every professional sector, and many firms brainstorm improvement strategies year-round to ensure continual success. However, many organizations forget that meetings are the areas where productivity is ignored the most, and they must target these sessions to improve focus and profitability.

However, executives often wonder how effective video conferencing technology is, especially in terms of ROI and measurable, concrete results. BizTech recently reported on several benefits that video conferencing offers over traditional presentation methods.

Research from the Imperial College London shows that face-to-face meetings and other sessions have a positive impact on employees, especially those in executive positions who rely on nuanced body language to get a feel for a sale or an evaluation.

"What the research suggests is that for certain collaborations and certain employees, virtual meetings can help neutralize anxiety or shyness associated with working with powerful people," wrote the source.

The best video conferencing software can convey all of the information that a traditional session usually provides, and attendees should be able to understand emotions like sarcasm and humor that are normally not transmitted over a text interface like Gmail's chat feature.

BizTech also reported on a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Cisco Systems that showed the value of face-to-face meetings. According to the infographic, 75 percent of business leaders believed that face-to-face collaboration is a priority, and 54 percent said that this type of communication is important to measuring participant engagement and willingness to continue a conversation.

The survey also published the critical elements of communication that are only possible through webinar software - tone of voice, facial expressions, spoken words, subconscious body language and conscious movements and gestures cannot be conveyed over the phone or through an email. According to the source, translating these factors to viewers is especially important during brainstorming sessions, initial meetings with clients and emergency crisis evaluations.

Workplace productivity can be bolstered by efficient web conferencing products, and companies should continually strive to find the best video conferencing software to support their virtual meetings and online evaluations. With the proper tools in hand, a firm can maximize client ROI and ensure excellent communication. The value of online conferences has been proven by educational research and industry surveys - is your company taking the necessary steps to implement a virtual strategy in the office?