Sending your employees on business trips with the right devices

Monday, February 6 2012

As your employees prepare for their business trip, you would be better served by providing them with technological devices to make their trip smoother and to guarantee regular communications.

GPS device
If your employees are driving to the remote location, or planning to drive upon arrival, they should have a GPS system in addition to road maps. This is especially important if the employee is not familiar with the city or town.

Laptop and cellphone
If your employee doesn't have an international or nationwide phone plan on their mobile device, you may need to provide them with a temporary cellphone so they can interact with you or the company on a regular basis. In addition, they will need a device for personal use if anything comes up during the business trip. A laptop should be provided so the employee can send and receive relevant work emails, and you can even have web conferences with them, or with business affiliates they'll be meeting along the way.

With three devices – GPS, laptop and cellphone – you can make your employee's trip smoother and more productive.