Small business owners benefit through webinar marketing classes

Wednesday, March 23 2011 will be providing a free, educational webinar to help small business owners with their marketing needs, according to The Street.

The web conference will assist business owners who may be having a difficult time when it comes to customer retention. representatives will also be tackling different marketing strategies that business owners may be interested in.

In this day and age, social media has revolutionized the way companies market to their potential and existing clients. Through the webinar, will explain how small business owners can use the technology to their advantage, according to the news source. Topics will also include different ways to start an email contact, how to make direct mail work and how to reach new customers through search engines.

What separates the webinar from other educational courses is that it is available to anyone around the world. Those who may not have the money or the time to travel for a quick managerial how-to session can easily connect on their broadband networks and view the speakers in the comfort of their homes or offices.