Small businesses can save money and go green with a high-end telepresence

Thursday, June 23 2011

One of the most important tasks for any small business that is just earning its commercial wings is to reduce any unnecessary costs. While there are many areas that immediately come to mind, one of the most prominent is the travel budget. Companies spend a great deal of money on interstate and international trips, but there is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution that is becoming increasingly popular.

According to Mother Nature Network, video conferencing technology is expected to replace around 2.1 million airline seats by the year 2012. This represents a massive lowering of costs for businesses of all sizes and is an important figure to keep in mind when any company manager or executive has to make tough financial decisions.

On top of the economic benefit is the advantage of lessening a company's impact on the environment. Not only can some businesses qualify for tax breaks for being green or carbon-neutral, but an ecologically-minded company can present themselves as such to the discerning modern customer who takes such matters very seriously. Web conferencing has been the subject of much speculation for decades, and the futuristic technology it represents has finally arrived to make doing business just a little bit easier.