Some overlooked qualities of video conferencing

Thursday, August 25 2011

Video conferencing has been discussed in terms of business interactions for years. In its early stages it was mocked while many mangers struggled to find uses for its grainy, low quality video. Today video conferencing technology has entered many previously unfriendly industries. It has been used in mobile technology and on personal computers while also finding success in business operations.

It is easy to see the value of video conferencing now that most people have participated in the activity at least once, but there are many advantages that can easily be overlooked.

Companies such as MegaMeeting provide businesses with a sustained competitive advantage over organizations that choose to continue to hold meetings without it. Video conferencing allows employees to share knowledge between branches and departments as well as with clients. This open communication tool can give collaborators the chance to discuss projects and events in a face-to-face setting at any time of the day.

Additionally, video conferencing technology is an eco-friendly alternative to business travel. Although venturing to a client's office won't be completely eliminated, it has helped reduce local travel costs and decreased many companies' carbon footprints. Most video conferencing technology is software based, so additional hardware that could eventually harm the environment isn't necessary to purchase.