Speak up during a video conference

Friday, February 8 2013

Video conferences can connect staff members and clients from around the world, but the meetings can sometimes lead to awkward social situations. For example, audience members may have concerns or questions they wish to have addressed but might not know the right time to speak up and ask their queries. 

Attendees can easily overcome this problem by checking out the following tips for speaking up during video conferences. 

1. Get noticed - With video conferencing software, every participant can be seen and heard by his or her peers. Use this fact to your advantage by waiting for a short break in a presentation to deliver feedback. However, try to avoid interrupting a speaker. 

2. Remain patient - A web meeting may include a question-and-answer session at its conclusion. Unless a question is urgent, wait until the conference's ending to express your concerns. 

3. Send follow-up queries - If necessary, meeting attendees can contact speakers via phone calls or emails after the gathering. These messages provide great opportunities for audience members to provide feedback to conference presenters and get additional clarification on specific discussion topics.