Students have an out-of-this-world experience with NASA thanks to video conferencing

Tuesday, April 3 2012

Recently, a class at Montgomery Upper Middle School in New Jersey was able to have a video conference discussion with a NASA engineer along with the Space Program's educator, Michael Hare. At the time of the conference, NASA team members were in the mission control room at the Johnson International Space Center in Houston, nearly 1,600 miles away.

NASA employees spoke to the class through a video conferencing system enabled in the classroom and established through NASA’s educational programs and initiatives. With the help of the video conferencing technology, students were able to see the interior of the space station along with the Houston control center.

Educators are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide educational services for students. An investment in professional video conferencing technology allows children incredible opportunities to speak with prominent figures such as NASA engineers, political figures or athletes. Field trips across the globe can now be done from inside the classroom.

Don’t feel confined within the classroom walls. Video conferencing can help boost educational opportunities and enhance the school setting for both students and educators.