Students join together for Spanish lesson

Wednesday, December 8 2010

Middle school and high school students in Kentucky are joining together for a Spanish class. The exciting part, however, is that half the students take the class from three miles away.

Angie Foster teaches Spanish 1 each day to 18 students at Bullitt Central High School, while 18 other students at Bullitt Lick Middle School attend via video conference. The program is an experiment in sharing resources, reports the Courier Journal, as eighth graders interested in the language get a chance to learn about it while earning high school credit.

The middle school students aren't completely left up to their own devices, however. Instructional tutor Mary Carpenter manages the classroom and delivers their work to the high school each morning.

"We've had some challenges, but it's gone really well so far and we've worked out those beginning kinks," Carpenter told the newspaper.

Foster is in her first year of teaching at the school and was approached right off the bat about creating this type of class. The only change she would make is to keep the middle school class smaller on the other side of the video conferencing technology.

"I'm really glad I've gotten the opportunity," said eighth grader Mackenzie Terrell.

According to School Tree, Bullitt Lick Middle School boasts a student-teacher ratio of 17.3 to 1. There are 683 students at the school. Bullitt Central High has an 18.2 to 1 student-teacher ratio and 1,239 total students.