Successfully interact with web conference participants

Friday, December 14 2012

Web conferencing is useful because it enables employees to interact with business leaders who can provide a wealth of information. Companies can use web conferences to help workers connect with professionals in their fields so these staff members can learn new skills and become long-term contributors.

Creating a successful relationship between web meeting participants and speakers might appear difficult to some company officials, but consider the following tips to avoid potential challenges.

1. Host a Q&A session - With a question and answer session, participants can directly address a presenter in an open forum. If possible, attendees should prepare their questions ahead of time, and audience members should actively listen to a speaker's responses.

2. Use a moderator - Identify a participant who can help keep a meeting on track and serve as a moderator. This administrator can address attendees and help ensure that all participants can provide feedback during the meeting.

3. Provide follow-up opportunities - Participants may have follow-up questions after a meeting, and these attendees should be provided with information about how to contact business officials or meeting presenters who can answer their questions. Additionally, sending meeting notes or supplementary materials could also prove helpful.