Tablets and video conferencing software boost productivity

Monday, July 29 2013

Tablets are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern offices because employees want to use the latest devices to increase productivity. Recently, Forrester found that tablets enable staff members to work in multiple locations, including public places and remote sites.

Employees want to be able to complete their projects from anywhere instead of being forced to work on their office computers. Mobility is a common demand among professionals, especially those who travel frequently and others who prefer working at home. Ultimately, a tablet may be one of the most effective tools that a worker can use.

The gadgets allow employees to handle important matters from any location that offers strong network connectivity. Additionally, tablets also facilitate communication between colleagues as the devices are compatible with video conferencing software. Because most models feature forward-facing cameras, staff members can speak face to face with their associates and clients just as if they were sitting in front of their PCs.

Businesses that want to increase productivity and communication should encourage employees to use tablets. Android, iOS and Windows models can help a company improve operations and create a mobile workforce.