Tailor a web conference for participants

Thursday, December 20 2012

Web conferencing software enables meeting attendees to learn more about important topics that could affect daily business operations. Employees who understand how to participate in web meetings can become valuable contributors.

However, presenters also play important roles in internet-based conferences. These speakers must provide data and discuss relevant topics with participants who potentially could be located across the globe.

It is essential for presenters to tailor their materials for web conferences. Speakers who develop content that works well for the platform can ensure that participants understand the value of the presentation.

Check out the following tips to effectively tailor a web conference for attendees.

Consider the nature of the business
Use content that employees can easily understand. A web conference enables presenters to deliver a wide variety of materials, but speakers must avoid overwhelming participants.

For example, speakers may want to notify attendees about the latest sales figures and reach out to them for feedback about potential ways to attract new clients. Presenters could have statistics dating back to the company's inception and numerous charts and graphs at their disposal, but should only incorporate relevant data into their web conferences.

The nature of the business should dictate the materials that are presented. A speaker who is focusing on recent sales data should provide sufficient information to educate participants. Additionally, attendees who have questions or concerns about certain data should be given the opportunity to address presenters during or after web meetings.

Pay attention to participants' responses
Attendees can offer valuable insight into the effectiveness of web meetings. Speakers can use polls, surveys and other evaluations to fully understand the impact of their presentations.

Conducting periodic reviews during a web conference is helpful because it enables participants to provide instant feedback. Presenters should give attendees time to ask questions during web conferences and pay attention to participants' queries. Active listening is critical for both attendees and presenters, and speakers who provide informed answers to questions increase the likelihood that participants will remain focused throughout the meeting. Ensure that attendees can have their concerns addressed, and try not to interrupt participants when they are speaking.

Send evaluations to participants shortly after the web conference. Use open-ended questions if possible, as these queries enable speakers to learn exactly how attendees felt about the presentation.

Recording a web conference is also beneficial for some presenters. Employees who were unable to attend the meeting can watch the recording, and speakers can evaluate their performances.