Take effective notes during a webinar

Thursday, January 3 2013

A webinar is a learning experience for participants and presenters. While attendees can receive important details about numerous guidelines and procedures, speakers may use the meeting to collect feedback from clients or workers.

Effective notes enable both presenters and participants to assess a web meeting. Consider the following notes when gathering data during webinars.

1. Examine questions beforehand - Speakers who evaluate possible concerns participants may have prior to a web meeting can optimize their presentation materials. Review the webinar's purpose and create materials that are easy to understand.

2. Make a copy of the presentation - Record the webinar and make it readily available to participants after a meeting. Additionally, provide attendees with information about how they can review the presentation at any time.

3. Consider the meeting's goals - Notes based on information relating to a webinar's purpose can be incredibly valuable to participants. Speakers may highlight content that they feel corresponds to the meeting's goals and encourage attendees to pay closer attention to certain details. Webinar presenters can also answer questions during and after the gathering to give attendees supplementary information.