Tech trends for businesses include videoconferencing

Thursday, March 3 2011

In 2011, high-tech solutions aren't just for big corporations anymore, as small and mid-sized companies are finding different applications for technology. Women24 lists a few trends that will be making waves throughout the year.

According to the news source, many business owners will make good use of 4G connectivity, using their smartphones to conduct everyday affairs. The system will allow people to surf the web faster, as well as download files that may be integral to their business operations.

Beside smartphone use, the tablet has made a comeback and the news source reports that the device can be an integral addition to any presentation due to its portability. With the explosion of apps being made to cater to many business needs, using such devices is also becoming easier.

Videoconferencing has been around for awhile, but expect the trend to only increase this year, especially with the introduction of new 3D telepresesence solutions, the news outlet explained. Those with a global or mobile workforce are realizing that videoconferencing technology can be used for face-to-face communication without the price tag of corporate travel expenses.