Telehealth gains followers overseas

Friday, January 21 2011

Video conferencing isn't just popular with U.S. healthcare companies - it's also a big hit overseas.

Healthcare professionals have turned to video conferencing technology in the wake of budget crises that have left many struggling to cut costs wherever they can. And the technology isn't just a boon for administrative tasks - it has also proved very popular with patients. Telehealth, which uses video conferencing technology to communicate with patients in remote locations, has been helpful for a variety of people in all states of health in rural locations around the world.

Research and Markets recently released a report on video conferencing and telehealth, entitled Telehealth in Europe - From Pilot to Mainstream? The report details the benefits of telehealth suites and remote patient care, as well as the ways in which it could alter the healthcare landscape in Europe and beyond.

The system has proved to be extremely beneficial to many patients across the U.S., and even to some soldiers. The U.S. Army is currently considering implementing a widespread telehealth solution to help those returning from combat gain access to psychiatric care.