The benefits of using video conferencing technology for practicing Telemedicine

Tuesday, March 13 2012

Technology is constantly evolving and the use of video and web conferencing is being applied in more fields than ever before. As the demand for this technology grows, so does the range of possibilities. One field taking full advantage of the benefits of video conferencing is Telemedicine.

Telemedicine allows patients to visit and communicate with physicians live through video conferencing for both routine or emergency visits. Doctors can fully interact with their patients as if they were in the examination room together. Patient data as well as video and still images are captured, stored and sent to additional specialists for secondary opinions, observations and possible follow-up treatment. Online educational portals can be set up to keep the patient up to date on treatment as well.

The benefits of practicing Telemedicine are advantageous for practitioners and patients. For doctors, it allows the ability to remotely monitor critical patients, increasing the chance of successful emergency responses for patients who live in rural areas. For those under Telemedicine care, it can reduce or eliminate unnecessary travel and allow for expedited treatment for urgent medical issues.

Many fields are making use of the continuing trend for video conferencing. Even as the technology becomes more sophisticated, it remains affordable and easy to incorporate in any business model.