The business value of webinars

Wednesday, June 30 2010

An ever-increasing number of companies are using webinars as part of their overall business plan. USA Today columnist Steve Strauss says that implementing webinars into a business strategy helps position a company as an expert in its field, engage an online audience and provide an additional profit center.

By hosting a webinar or a particular topic, Strauss says that a company can position itself as an expert source. In addition to using its own workers to host the seminars, he adds that a company can also bring in outside experts for sessions - further increasing its credibility.

Webinar services also work to engage an online audience that generally spends no longer than a few minutes on any particular website. Strauss says that hosting a webinar "engages your audience and helps you forge a closer connection to your customers."

Companies can also use a webinar to make money directly, Strauss says. Many companies charge users to attend the online meetings, bringing in the first round of revenue. After the session has been concluded, a company can save it and sell it to other customers who may have been unable to attend the meeting while it was happening.

Webinars are also a much more cost-effective method for things such as training seminars because they reduce the need for travel and other costs. The website Business Knowledge Source says that the sessions often cost less than 25 cents per minute - roughly a quarter of traditional event costs.ADNFCR-3295-ID-19867876-ADNFCR