The history of video conferencing

Friday, February 18 2011

These days, online video chatting and even corporate video conferencing are regular forms of communication for many people. You can easily see a friend who is on another continent with a simple click of a mouse and a webcam. Businesses are making deals with others without the need to travel.

This important technology started with an introduction at the 1964 World's Fair in New York, according to However, the concept of video communication did not become commercial until the 1970s, when the Picturephone debuted under AT&T. Unfortunately, the system did not catch on. Even for business use, the $160 per month price tag was deemed too expensive at the time, especially for equipment that was too bulky.

By 1993, several systems had become available, with Macintosh introducing the CU-SeeMe, which became available to anyone with a Macintosh computer. The popularity of the CU-SeeMe system opened the doors to other video conferencing software and equipment. According to the news source, the technology finally became mainstream when Windows released its Microsoft NetMeeting software in 1996, allowing everyone with a computer to be able to video chat online.