The importance of identification in video conferences

Thursday, May 30 2013

Connecting dozens of remote participants is one of the benefits of using video conferencing software. Companies can use the platform to hold meetings with 50 clients from around the world or 20 employees scattered throughout the United States without paying exorbitant travel fees. 

When large groups participate in digital gatherings, attendees must identify themselves before interjecting or addressing associates. According to East Carolina University, all speakers should say their names and locations when joining a discussion. 

Saying your name is a necessary step in all meetings, especially when you haven't been formally introduced to other participants. If you just start talking without identifying yourself, attendees will wonder who is speaking and why they should listen. 

Moreover, stating whom you're addressing with a question or statement is important so others don't think you're making open remarks that anyone can respond to. Say the person's name to inform the audience of who you want to answer your inquiry or comment. 

That said, ensure you don't use a confrontational tone when addressing another participant. Be direct, but be clear that you want to start a discussion without being combative. Maintain a professional tone to ensure that your feedback isn't misconstrued as combative.