The Vatican has embraced video conferencing technology

Monday, April 9 2012

Recently, Vatican City, the cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church, has widely adopted video conferencing technology across the globe in order to better communicate with employees and clergy members, according to Best in UC.

According to the source, the church decided to move forward with the technology as it felt video conferencing is easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with the equipment.

The Catholic Church also felt that web-based conferencing is cost-effective to maintain and extremely versatile as it is able to support multiple mobile devices as well as designated room systems. The interoperability was a must-have feature due to the variety of environments church affiliates and clergy find themselves in.

Additionally, the church felt the implementation of video conferencing technology would help cut down on operational costs and travel expenses between the city and other locations as most are somewhat geographically far-removed from each other

On a more intimate level, the technology allows the church to adequately address issues within the community and can now provide its services to members who are unable to attend functions regularly due to illness or immobility.