Timing statements during video conferencing

Wednesday, July 17 2013

Cutting-edge video conferencing technology allows professionals to instantly connect with colleagues and clients around the world. With a single application and network connectivity, an employee can contact his or her associates to collaborate on important projects in only a couple of clicks.

However, there is one issue with video conferencing - lag. Broadcasting a meeting to remote locations requires a significant amount of bandwidth. As a result, there can be a delay between your statements and when they're heard by your associates.

Entrepreneur Magazine recommends waiting two seconds before responding to what someone else has said. If you start speaking right away, you may interrupt someone else. Additionally, you may offer a point that's not related to the discussion at hand.

Additionally, always direct your statements and questions at specific participants. That way, everyone will know who you're talking to so they won't respond by mistake. Once your intended partner replies, you can open the conversation up so others can participate.

Always watch out for lag during your video conferences. Remain patient in meetings and don't talk until you're sure that other participants are finished speaking to eliminate the issue.