Tips for sharing content during video conferences

Tuesday, January 29 2013

Video conferencing software enables speakers to use charts, graphs and other supplementary materials to enhance their presentations. However, too many displays overwhelm attendees and could detract from the content. 

Check out the following tips to deliver an appropriate amount of information during your video meeting.

1.  Use an 80-20 split - Managing your time well is critical for a successful presentation. If you spend about 80 percent of your time speaking to audience members and the remainder focusing on your displays, you may increase the likelihood that you will conduct an informative video conference. 

2. Focus on relevant content in your displays - Rather than simply repeat information on your visual aids, provide additional details to highlight the materials' value. A video conference will deal with specific themes, so be sure to keep these major points in mind when you develop your content. 

3. Make your content easy to understand - Confusing diagrams can damage your overall presentation, but pertinent materials can make it successful. Ensure that your data sets are easy to understand by reviewing the charts and graphs in advance. Additionally, speakers can practice ahead of time to deliver effective presentations.