Tips for success in video conferencing

Monday, January 9 2012


As businesses continue to use video conferencing for its ability to cut traveling costs, increase productivity and improve their carbon footprint, it's important for presenters to know what to expect when they're not meeting face-to-face. Here are some tips for first time presenters as they head into online meetings.

arrive early (and test equipment)
It is important to arrive at the meeting early to practice and setup the necessary video conferencing equipment

introduce yourself
Introduce everyone in attendance at the beginning of the meeting so participants know who will be speaking. This will help avoid confusion when participants are presenting.

make eye contact
Look into the camera as if you were making eye contact with the person you're speaking to. Act and speak naturally, the way you would in a person-to-person meeting.

avoid sound delay
When video conferencing, there can a short sound delay in the microphones. Avoid interrupting other speakers by allowing a short pause after the last speaker finishes.

minimize background noise and movements
The microphones can pick up distracting background noise that people normally wouldn't hear in a meeting.

dress appropriately
Wear colors that aren't distracting. Solid bold shades work better on camera than busy patterns.