Tips for video conferencing on your smartphone

Tuesday, July 30 2013

Video conferencing technology has evolved in recent years, moving away from dedicated webcams and microphones to more mobile options. Professionals can conduct face-to-face conversations with almost anyone by using their tablets and smartphones.

Conducting meetings with the latter devices can be somewhat difficult, especially if you're traveling and can put your phone down to keep it stable. The key is to watch your viewing window carefully to ensure that you're always in the frame. This will prevent you from angling the camera in such a way that your contacts won't be able to see you.

Further, you must have a reliable WiFi network in order to video conference on your smartphone, according to Opposing Views. Running video conferencing software requires a great deal of bandwidth so your service provider's network might not provide sufficient support for your meeting. By accessing an internet connection, you can ensure that your discussion won't end prematurely.

Finally, you may want to have your charger readily available. Video conferencing can quickly drain your smartphone's battery, which means your device will be dead before your meeting is officially over. If you can't access your charger, you may want want to find an alternative communication platform.