Tips to evaluate a webinar

Friday, December 28 2012

A webinar enables a presenter to deliver information about a relevant topic to clients or employees. The event is useful for numerous reasons, and a speaker can make improvements after the web meeting.

Consider the following tips to complete an extensive webinar evaluation.

1. Record the webinar - With a recording, speakers can examine audience member responses. Presenters may answer questions during a webinar, but watching the recording allows them to learn more about participants' queries and determine if certain information could be delivered differently in the future.

2. Take notes - Have a notebook and writing instrument handy to take notes during the event. Speakers may identify certain points in the presentation where audience members were heavily involved or appeared disinterested, and presenters can review their notes after the webinar to make modifications if necessary.  

3. Ask for feedback - After the event, send participants an email survey to learn more about the webinar's impact. Reach out for feedback shortly after the presentation to allow attendees to provide immediate guidance. Additionally, use both open- and closed-ended questions to get a variety of responses and learn how audience members feel future webinars could be enhanced.