Two webinars to tackle cancer

Thursday, May 17 2012

An important and uplifting message needs an equally notable means of communication to have maximum impact. That was the thinking behind a new monthly webinar to share stories about living with cancer. The series comes from Life Beyond Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Taking the local support group to a global level, the new series will provide different angles to a large group of people looking for support. In the first installment - How to Build a Ladder - on May 16th, April Capil will lead a discussion focusing on the post-treatment period for adult cancer survivors. Capil is a cancer survivor and the author of the memoir Life After Lemonade: How to Rebuild After Disaster.

Because cancer is such a widespread disease, it isn't surprising that there is another cancer-related webinar being held the following week. On May 23, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association will broadcast an interactive webinar discussing the latest trends and research on workplace giving and employee engagement.

Across the country, groups combating, and offering advice for those afflicted by, diseases such as cancer are finding webinars a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience and instigating discussion.