U.S. Commerce Department hosts webinar series on exporting for expansion

Monday, January 16 2012

The U.S. Commerce Department recently partnered with Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Miller to offer a six-month webinar series that can help small businesses expand through export. The goal of the series is to help small businesses develop export plans that may help them reach markets overseas.

The first webinar in the series features information on the basics of letters of credit, which can help business owners understand these key documents and assess international payment risks. Other webinars in the series include globalizing a company's website, the basics of import compliance, export documentation, international standards and certifications and opportunities for farm and agricultural products.

The Commerce Department offers other webinar series on their website that are also geared to help small businesses implement exportation strategies. Their Exporting Basics webinar series provides information to those who are new to exporting. These one-hour webinars cover topics like international shipping, HS Classification Reform, finding HS codes and export filing requirements.

Small business owners interested in learning valuable information about export rules and regulations can visit the Commerce Department's website to sign up for one of their webinar series. Webinar services offered by companies like MegaMeeting are one hundred percent browser-based and can make it easy for individuals to connect, learn and expand their business.