Use of conferencing technology grows across industry lines

Wednesday, August 15 2012

At one point video technology was seen as the way of the future, but it had an elitist quality to it, thanks to its pricetag. Now modern devices come with built-in web cameras and average private users have access to online services with audio and video conferencing capability, making enterprise-level solutions more accessible than ever.

Financial IT barriers are falling all the time, as smaller, higher-quality devices also become more affordable, according to Cleveland Online. The source stated that general networks and other low-cost options were making it a leading choice for boosting collaborative tools and reducing business expenses among companies of all sizes.

Some organizations are even using video conferencing tools to bridge the online advertising gap. Business 2 Community reported that more mobile access to online content is driving consumers and businesses alike to the web, and communicating in that format via text may not be the best way to connect. B2C wrote that some may fear losing face time with shoppers and clients, preventing them from full web integration, but video conferencing gives them back that element of networking.