Use social media for pre-webinar marketing

Thursday, August 1 2013

Many businesses use video conferencing technology to host webinars, but the online sessions won't be successful without pre-event advertising. If a company doesn't generate awareness for its online discussion, consumers won't know when to log on or how much it costs to view. As a result, the audience will be severely limited.

According to the Houston Chronicle, social media is a valuable resource for marketing a webinar and generating interest. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to communicate directly with potential participants so you can widen your audience.

On Facebook and Twitter, the best way to advertise your webinar is to create a hashtag. Develop a catchy slogan that describes your online meeting so that followers can learn about what will be discussed. You can also track the popularity of your hashtag to see how effective your marketing strategy is to determine if you need to make any improvements.

LinkedIn may be the best network for reaching out to business prospects. Webinar information can be posted to discussion groups where you can describe why you're offering the session and the benefits of viewing the proceedings. This direct interaction will help grow your webinar's audience.