Use the proper tone during video conferences

Friday, June 14 2013

Video conferencing software is used by many companies to improve communication with remote parties, including employees and clients. With a simple program, a company leader can easily reach out to a worker who's attending a trade show on the other side of the country or a buyer in another nation. 

However, video conferencing software can only be effective if you know how to use it properly. While most applications have advanced features that can be a bit tricky to learn, all programs require a proper tone of voice at all times during discussions. If you're too quiet or overly loud, other participants may think there's a technical problem. 

According to the University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources, you should always use your normal speaking voice when video conferencing. The software and your computer's microphone can pick up soft sounds so there's no need to shout while speaking with your associates. 

Additionally, Northwestern University recommends testing your audio components before a meeting. Conduct a test by contacting someone in your office and ensure he or she can hear you when speaking. What's more, you should always begin your conferences by asking attendees if their software is working properly.