Use visuals during a webinar

Thursday, December 13 2012

With a web meeting, a company leader can educate clients or employees about various products or services. A webinar is effective for delivering important information because it provides an interactive experience, and a presenter can even use visuals to complement his or her data.

Check out the following tips to learn how to easily incorporate visuals into your webinar.

1. Review your statistics - A visual can be used to highlight certain statistics, such as sales figures or year-over-year growth data. Develop graphs and charts to enhance your presentation, as these diagrams can be used to illustrate sometimes complicated data.

2. Keep it simple - Include a few visuals in your presentation, but try not to overwhelm attendees with too much information. Instead, use charts and graphs that complement your major discussion points and make it easier for attendees to understand certain information.

3. Evaluate the webinar - Examine your webinar before the presentation. Double-check data to ensure accuracy and consider an attendee's perspective to better understand the impact of your presentation. Additionally, reach out to participants for feedback after the presentation, as these people can provide valuable recommendations about how to further improve your visuals for future webinars.