Vatican City getting in on the video conferencing technology

Friday, April 22 2011

The sovereign territory of the Holy See is beefing up its technological infrastructure by deploying video conferencing technology within the city to enhance communications within the organization around the world.

According to TMCNet, the technology will be installed in major offices around the globe, including Vatican City, and will offer employees and clergymen the ability to interact with each other wherever they may be. Using video conferencing may be a new thing for most of these individuals but the company that will be installing the system assured the news outlet that the technology will be easy-to-use.

Additionally, hooking Vatican City up with the technology may also be a move that could allow the seat to interact with other groups outside the Catholic organization. This will enable open discussions about current global issues without the need for the individuals involved to travel thousands of miles away.

This is not the first time that a church has used technology for collaboration or to spread the good news. Several institutions in the U.S. actually use video conferencing technology to reach audiences who may not have the ability to physically be at a service.