Verizon Business introduces "telejustice" to provide services to inmates

Tuesday, August 3 2010

Verizon has announced that it will be tailoring its video conferencing services to create packages designed for criminal justice systems.

The services are intended to help prison systems reduce the need for prisoner transport, which can be a dangerous and complicated process. With the use of video conferencing, prisoners can have access to attorney meetings, court hearings and even healthcare services without ever leaving their cells.

In addition to reducing the danger for prison personnel who must accompany inmates on the move, video conferencing will also help the justice system cut back on the cost of moving prisoners from place to place.

Kannan Sreedhar, area vice president at Verizon Business, said that prisons are under an enormous amount of pressure to cut costs because the justice system is a major part of many state budgets.

"We are providing a complete solution to control costs, while at the same time we can help ensure the safety and security of both the general public and the justice personnel," Sreedhar said.

"Telejustice," as Verizon is calling it, is gaining popularity. Plymouth County, in Indiana, recently introduced video conferencing-based arraignment services for its inmates, citing officer safety, time concerns and costs as the reasons for the change.ADNFCR-3295-ID-19918422-ADNFCR