Veterans Affairs Department kicks off videoconferencing services

Wednesday, March 2 2011

The VA recently kicked off videoconferencing services that were installed in clinics in rural Colorado, according to the Craig Daily Press. This will give veterans who may not have access to their own video conferencing technology the chance to connect to benefits counselors available in the Denver regional office.

Veterans with issues or questions about disability, pensions, and education benefits, among others, can visit the participating clinics and discuss with representatives from Denver. Brianna Brown, who was the first to use the service from one of the clinics, mentioned to the news source that the videoconferencing technology would be useful. "I think it's a lot more personal than over the phone, or through email, or trying to do the research yourself," she explained.

In a news release, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet praised the program, mentioning that it was the first of its kind. He mentioned that the videoconferencing technology could have a huge impact on the way the government can better serve its veterans.

According to the news source, the pilot project will use high-definition video and audio technology and can potentially service over 8,000 veterans in the area.