Video can help businesses connect to both fans and customers

Monday, November 18 2013
Video can help businesses connect to both fans and customers

With football season in full swing, fans across the country are excited about their team's run for a playoff spot - unless they live in Jacksonville. With so much fervent devotion to sports teams across America, these organizations try their best to connect with fans to address problems and cultivate loyalty with positive interactions, and video is playing a big part in that - showing the usefulness of efforts such as webinars.

Fourth and go online
Sports is a massive business, and such mammoth revenue can start to lead to distance between itself and the customers. To bridge this gap, though, the NFL and other sports leagues are working more with social media and tools such as video collaboration software, according to CBS Detroit.

Where are they getting their ideas? It's not from places you think. Managers from these teams are looking toward businesses in more conventional industries for ideas on customer support and relations, according to Doug Wernert, manager of brand networks for Palace Sports & Entertainment and the Detroit Pistons. Wernert told the source that one of his main areas of focus is on airline sites, which have to field so many customer stories and complaints that they have created the most efficient and customer friendly methods of doing so.

Booming business
Ayron Sequiera, director of integrated media for the Detroit Red Wings, told the source that he watches a variety of different business's sites for use of video and graphics. National Geographic, for instance, was one of the companies he cited for innovative use of these methods, and one famous beverage was a model he follow.

"Red Bull does some really interesting things with repurposing old video on social media to draw people back to their site," Sequiera told the source.

It's clear that Sequiera and the broader organization takes social media seriously - arriving at the team's site yields links to, among other sites, their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the last of which features videos. And within that, video is featured especially heavily - the team has its own "Red Wings TV" site to connect to fans.

The difference between simple text-based communication and video engagement is noticeable - Sequiera said that she is judged by the results in ticket sales that come from the sites. Companies can learn from this productive use of video - webinars and video conferencing software can help to create a better bridge to customers.