Video communications systems expected to grow in number this year

Friday, June 24 2011

Companies are realizing the benefits of video conferencing technology more and more every year. In particular, businesses are realizing that the value of these systems comes from reductions in travel budgets as well as instantaneous collaboration. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, there is new research to indicate the extent of this trend.

The non-profit research firm CompTIA surveyed hundreds of companies of various sizes, from the large (over 500 employees) to the small (a staff of less than 50). The results show that 49 percent of organizations expect their spending on video conferencing and unified communications technology to exceed their overall information technology budget for the next 12 months.

The rate of adoption and size of a company were also shown to have a strong correlation by CompTIA's research. Large businesses were more 64 percent more likely to increase web conferencing expenditures. Small organizations are expected to increase spending, but only 35 percent of those groups will do so. Among companies that have already installed video conferencing technology, 31 percent expect to see their business grow significantly in the next year.